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  • Seaweed Iceland - Buy all natural seaweed from pure Icelandic waters. Seaweed Iceland's seaweed grows wild and is harvested by hand from pure Icelandic waters. They dry it using renewable geothermal energy to bring you the highest quality food source with a low carbon footprint.
  • is a database of information on Irish species that includes terrestrial, marine and freshwater organisms.
  • SeaWeed - Benefits of kelp for weight loss. The use of seaweed or algae for weight loss, slimming or to reduce weight is a century-old homeopathic remedy.
  • - Welcome to the Seaweed Site. This site is a source of general information on all aspects of seaweeds.Seaweeds are marine algae: saltwater-dwelling, simple organisms that fall into the rather outdated general category of "plants". Most of them are the green (1200 species), brown (2200 species) or red (6500 species) kinds shown on this page
  • By - Buy: Organic Sea Greens. Sea greens are one of nature's richest sources of vegetable protein; they provide full-spectrum concentrations of carotenes, chlorophyll, enzymes, amino acids and fiber.
  • Canadian - Buy: Canadian Kelp Resources. All of our seaweeds are collected from the remote and pristine waters on the outer coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
  • - Buy: Mendocino Sea Vegetables
  • www.nutrition - Seaweed/Kelp:Nutrition Facts
  • Nutra - Seaweed-fortified junk food. The highly-fibrous seaweed extract, alginate, could be used to increase the fibre content of cakes, burgers and other types of food...
  • - 121,960 species and infraspecific names are in the database, 5,795 images, 38,144 bibliographic items, 137,487 distributional records.
  • - Seaweed plant foods and animal feed supplements - however, will be producing and selling edible seaweeds for human consumption in the near future

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[ Seaweed | Diets/Tips | Products | Accredited Seaweed Jelly-Diet Practitioners | Self Help | Nutrition | Health/Fasting | Misc./Support ]
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  • Proactol
  • - Diet World Wide Directory
  • - Diet Directory
  • Diet and Weightloss Directory - Diet and Weightloss Resource Directory
  • AC Weight Loss Diet - Best Value Weight Loss Diet Program and Support Forum
  • AOL Diet & Fitness - Tips, plans and tools for dieting and fitness.
  • Calculate your Body Mass Index - National Institute of Health (NIH) page uses height and weight (english or metric) to determine amount of body fat.
  • The Calorie Control Council - Explains how to cut calories and reduce fat in a diet. Recommendations on achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, and selection of low-calorie, reduced fat foods and beverages.
  • Calorie Counter - Lose weight through healthy eating and exercise. Support, diet tips and chat room.
  • Calorie Database - Contains a wealth of nutritional information on individual food items, with detailed breakdown of calories, carb, fat, and various vitamins and minerals.
  • - Offers a searchable directory of nutrition facts and printable food labels. Includes a daily calorie requirement tool to determine daily calorie needs.
  • - A diet portal featuring free diet plans and programmes with a powerful online diet diary.
  • Calorielator - This is an on-line audio-visual tool to estimate the calories needed to maintain one's current weight and, if currently overweight, to estimate the number of days it takes to reach the ideal weight by reducing the food intake appropriately.
  • Caloriesperhour - Provides calculators for activities and foods, as well as diet and weight loss tips, and tutorial.
  • Diet and Fitness by - Diet tips, information on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, health calculator, find a workout, keyboard yoga and online chats and discussions.
  • Diet Tips - Has articles, links, and reviews about dieting, nutrition, exercise, and other heath related issues. Contribute an article to be considered for posting.
  • Dieting Review - Reviews the general guidelines and the positive and negative aspects of most popular diets. Contains a selection of weight loss tools and a forum.
  • Dr. B's Weight Loss Network - Written by a doctor and includes sections on cosmetic surgery, diet and nutrition recommended reading.
  • Eat Fat and Grow Slim - A simple explanation of how most people get fat and how they can easily become slim again without starving or enduring unpleasant diets. Written by Richard Mackarness, M.B.,B.S.
  • - Free online diet and fitness journal. Input foods, activities, and goals to create individual progress reports.
  • Free Diet Tips - Resource for weight loss and exercise information, and low fat recipes.
  • The Hacker's Diet - Billed as "how to lose weight and hair through stress and poor nutrition," this is a serious weight loss program written from an engineering and management perspective.
  • If Not Dieting, Then What - Dr. Rick Kausman - Provides help and support for people to achieve and maintain a healthy, comfortable weight without being deprived of food or losing quality of life.
  • John La Puma, M.D. - Food and medical information, and recipes, from a physician and professionally trained chef.
  • Keys To Successful Weight Loss - Important keys to successfully losing weight from a doctor plus links to useful weight loss, nutrition, recipe, exercise and eating disorder information.
  • Living Lean Today - A portal to weight loss sites. Links to professional and personal weight loss sites, fitness links, health columnists, healthy recipes and other weight loss resources.
  • - Individualized diets to lower weight, cholesterol, triglyceride, blood pressure, and blood sugar. Tips, books, online nutrient analysis of your diet, plus nutrition counseling with a dietitian.
  • Lose Body Weight - Articles describe changes in lifestyle that will assist with weight management.
  • The Lose Weight Diet - Provides a free diet and exercise plan, with an explanation of each phase, and an analysis of common advice. Also includes a comparison of popular diet programs.
  • Low Glycemic Menu Plan - A forum to discuss diet, recipes and health issues.
  • - Includes information on therapies, prevention and healthy living.
  • Nu-Living - Program and workshops by Dr. Terlinsky to reduce weight offer physician assistance, multi-modal approach and individualized treatment. Virginia.
  • NutriDiary - Free food and exercise logging web application that tracks, analyzes, and graphs calories in, calories out, nutrients, weight, body fat, and BMI. Also allows weight goal and nutrition target setting.
  • - Download the Agile Body Mass Index Calculator 1.0 to calculates BMI using height, weight and gender.
  • Overweight .net - Provides weight management resources, tools, and recipes.
  • Practical Weight Loss - Calorie and BMI calculators.
  • Revolution Health : Weight Management - Find weight management information. Discuss weight management with others in forums, blogs, personal stories and recommendations.
  • Staying Slim - Find resources for staying healthy and fit. Content includes news, success stories, articles, a forum, and diets.
  • - Provides information about the Zone diet plan. Includes an introduction, getting started, and the science behind the plan.
  • Weigh-Less - To attain and maintain the ideal weight, the healthy way. Offers message boards, chat, exercise, food for the soul, recipes and success stories.
  • Weight Awareness - A health information portal with information on surgical weight loss solutions. Includes directory of plastic surgeons and gastric bypass surgeons.
  • Weight Control - WebMD - Consumer health site written and reviewed by WebMD doctors.
  • The Weight Directory - Directory of weight-loss resources, products and services.
  • Weight Loss For All - Provides weight loss solutions through education. Offers articles on exercise, diet, fitness, weight loss tips, and metabolism.
  • Weight Loss for Good - Offers a variety of online tools, diet and exercise tips, articles and alternatives to lose weight.
  • Weight Loss Help - Summaries, reviews, and recipes for weight loss programs. Provides information for and feedback from dieters on what works and what doesn't. Includes a support forum.
  • Weight Loss Index - Provides information on weight loss, diet, fitness, health, and supplements.
  • Weight loss Information - Including everything you need to know from exercises, to diet tips, and motivation.
  • Weight Loss Management Center - Expert-reviewed articles offer tips and guidance on effective weight loss planning. Also includes a free question-and-answer service with registered dietitians.
  • Weight Loss Products Comparison - Introductory information on a variety of products.
  • Weight Loss Psychology - Brainwashing Diet Programs - Information on an psychological affirmation method of weight-loss. Includes book excerpts.
  • Weight Loss Tips - Ten points to help you from Clinical Psychologist, Thomas D. Yarnell, Ph.D.
  • Weight Management Center - Expert-reviewed articles offer tips and guidance on effective weight loss planning. Also includes a free question-and-answer service with registered dietitians.
  • Weight Watchers International - Official site providing information about health, nutrition, dieting, exercise and fitness.
  • Weightcheck - Online weight loss and exercise advice with a personal advisor for motivation and help to achieve your weight goal.
  • Weightfocus - A comprehensive resource for people interested in practical weight management information, including healthy eating, sensible dieting tips, nutrition, and weight loss maintenance.
  • Weightloss Resource - Includes diet plans, pills, and how to talk to your doctor. Features a body mass index and other helpful tools.
  • Winning with Wendy - Motivation and support for Weight Watchers members. Includes Winning Points recipes, tips, and links.
  • Zone Diet Info - Offers tips, frequently asked questions, and menus for the Zone Diet.

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