Kelp Seaweed Jelly Diet

Love & Light by Clayten Tylor – New Book

Love & Light

by Clayten Tylor

Light & Love, by clayten

New Book, Light & Love, by Clayten Tylor

This book examines Emanuel Swedenborg’s spiritual experiences through Heaven and Hell, from an esoteric perspective, as a feeling. The feeling, is the language of angels and spirits, which begins the regeneration process
that develops our inner perception of celestial love and spiritual light.

By examining celestial love in conjunction with spiritual light as a feeling, we can begin to conceive of angelic forces, and understand their effects on mankind. When we can perceive love and light as a feeling, as it expresses through our physical senses, we can begin to affect our psycho-spiritual development, and evolve from a sensual, to a spiritual feeling of love.

As we examine love and light as a spiritual feeling through heaven and hell, we too begin to experience a deeper spiritual awareness, which can initiate a personal communication with the Divine, as a Conjugial Love experience.

With creative self-expression as our goal, we can take regeneration into our own hands to speed-up our own evolution while we transmute the forces that block the spiritual feeling of the Brotherhood of Mankind, and thereby,
together manifest the feeling of Heaven on Earth.

(Previously published as The Feeling of Heaven and Hell)

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The Feeling, by Clayten Tylor – New Book

The Feeling

by Clayten Tylor

New Book: The Feeling, by Clayten Tylor

This book is an Esoteric interpretation of Emanuel Swedenborg’s spiritual writings. It is written from a sinner’s perspective as a personal spiritual memoir meant to impart guidance by example. It is a hands-on self-help
book on how to birth the Divine Feminine Essence of Love from within.

The author traces the Divine, back to its original source as Essential Love, and Essential Innocence, which begins in the body as a sensual feeling of love, and by the process of regeneration becomes the Word of God. Then,
by sharing the Word of God, it becomes a Heavenly Feeling of Love, a blissful union with the Divine within – Swedenborg’s New Church.

The New Church is a life of Love, without any pain, but it also has a two-fold purpose. For when the feeling of love from a sensual life experience has been transformed into the Heavenly Feeling of Love, and when done on a mass scale it ultimately manifests as the true purpose of the New Church, Swedenborg’s New Jerusalem, a Visible Divine Essence, the Brotherhood of Mankind as a visible Heaven on Earth.


“The Divine is the ‘Feeling,’ experienced as Spiritual Love.”

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Kelp Seaweed Laver

Laver (seaweed) is usually not made from Kelp
kelp-laver-kombu-smMy Kelp-Jelly Laver Recipe is Different

Commercially sold Laver is usually made with red seaweed, or sometimes green seaweed. I use Kelp, which is a brown seaweed to make my seaweed jelly. Brown seaweed has a far better taste and texture if using it for soups, casseroles, baking and protein shakes.

Kelp has been shown to help in weight loss, but I use it to maintain my weight, and kelp jelly for weight loss can be made in such a way to be almost tasteless (for those who want a more bland taste). But the most impressive result from using Kelp to make Laver is the high-fibre content that kelp has; it is better than Psylium husks, or any other high-fibre ingredient that I have ever tried (and I have been using psylium husks for 40 years) – plus, it is very nutritious.

Kelp Jelly laver, can also be made into a raw seaweed jelly (see recipe in the book), used for raw-food diets. It creates a good stomach bacteria alkaline balance.  Try mixing both raw and cooked seaweed jelly together in your shake. I use one heaping tablespoon raw seaweed jelly in my morning protein shake, with two tablespoons of the cooked seaweed kelp paste, one banana, and some cooked brown rice puree, and then all blended with apple juice.

So, if you have been disappointed with the taste of store-bought Seaweed Laver, I suggest you try the Seaweed Jelly-Diet laver recipes, and prepare your own organic Kelp-Jelly, as described in the book.  Use it to improve the taste and texture of all your favorite recipes, and not only will you reduce your food costs, but improve the health of your whole family.

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Kelp Seaweed Laver ‘High-Vibration’ Diet: Fruit Diet vs. Kelp-Jelly Fruit Diet

Seaweed Kelp Jelly Fruit DietIf we were to compare all of the diets known to man, I suspect a diet of fresh fruit would be the highest ‘vibration-ally’ of all the present-day diets. But adding fresh fruit to the seaweed-kelp-jelly in the seaweed jelly-diet would (in my opinion) make the seaweed jelly diet with fruit, the second-highest ‘vibrationally’ of all the diets; the perfect combination of pure cleanse, weight loss, and body re-building. Then, if we were to include the raw kelp-laver into our comparison, we would add a bacteria-friendly,  nutritional restorative-health booster into the diet, and this might even be considered higher;  at least a more appropriate diet for the undernourished.

And considering kelp-jelly extends the flavor of sugar, thereby using less sugar in all your recipes, it offers an inexpensive, ‘low-cal’ solution to the sugar addicted.

Ask your Naturopathic Doctor? With your help, the Seaweed Jelly-Diet by Clayten Tylor,  will one day be the new foundation diet of Naturopathic Medicine – restoring health to millions of undernourished children, and offering a viable commercial food-extender to reduce calories – which could help end obesity.

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